Be kind. Say good morning.

I live in Hong Kong, where it’s less common than in Spain or other Latin countries for people to say good morning. I guess it is a consequence of being a big busy city, culture etc
My wife, from a Latino country herself, always tells the story that when she started a job in a new company here, she was the only one saying good morning when arriving at the office. Her colleagues were surprised at first. Nobody would reply with a good morning to her. She just received surprised stares. But despite the lack of reciprocity, she kept saying good morning with a smile every day. It’s part of our culture and she just didn’t want to give up and stop doing it.
After a couple of weeks of this dynamic, the first colleague replied to her with a good morning of his own. It was kind of magic moment, something was changing. And like that, like a contagious effect, after a few long months of my wife joining her company, everyone was saying good morning with a smile when entering the office. Or at least they were answering with a smile when someone said it.
Be kind, it’s contagious and it always pays you back. Even if it is only because you know that you are not surrendering your principles. And hopefully because you can make a change for others.
Say good morning to your work colleagues. Say hi to your neighbor when entering together the elevator. Say goodbye to the saleswoman when leaving the shop. Say thanks if someone opens the door for you. Say have a good day to the concierge in your building.

All these little things can make yourself and people around you happier. Don’t miss the chance to do it. As Robert Ingersoll once said, “We rise by lifting others”. Let’s start small. Be kind. Say good morning.

Ps. When researching for the article, I came across an interesting initiative which encourages citizens to spread kindness in your community. Check it out here.

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